Therapy for Individuals and Families


Experiencing a battle in your mind where thoughts such as, “will this situation ever change?”, “I feel so hopeless” or “I feel stuck”, can be overwhelming at times.¬†Often, these are usually accompanied by feelings of frustration, anger, sadness, anxiety, shame, guilt, fear or hopelessness. If you identified with some of these statements or emotions, you are not alone.

I seek to provide a safe, private and caring place where individuals share their feelings, process their thoughts and in return feel supported and understood. As counseling takes place, you will gain practical tools to help you deal with life’s difficulties in more effective ways.



Are you at a crossroads? Do you find yourself struggling with thoughts or behaviors that you just can’t seem to overcome? Do you feel overwhelmed or controlled by your circumstances or debilitating emotions? These are all common struggles that can be overwhelming if left unresolved. You may or may not know what is causing the problems or how to get through it. By seeking help, you are tapping into a critical principle to experience victory in your life.

With my help, we can carefully identify what is hindering your life and create goals to overcome these issues. By taking action, you can take hold of the destiny which is calling to you from the deepest part of your being. I have a scientifically based and diversified approach which allows me to reach your personality and problems in tailored and specific ways with compassion to produce progressive outcomes.

This work we will be doing will help you clarify and manifest the personal growth you desire which will bring you into the life you always wanted to live. In addition to this, I have expertise in working from a Christian spiritual perspective upon request and in relationship to your own personal spiritual journey.